Do you know your underlying reasons?

More often than not, we spend our time and resources chasing and masking health symptoms, without ever understanding the underlying reason that symptom appeared. We get, "You have a rash, use this cream". Instead of, "what's going on in your body that

is causing that rash?" Finding and addressing the underlying causes of our symptoms is not something we are used to doing.

Half of our population lives with a chronic disease, whether they know it or not. We don't feel good, and often we don't know why. We feel unheard by our doctors and others. But most importantly, we don't understand what's going on inside of our bodies to make us feel this way.

For many of us, if we are lucky enough to get a diagnosis, there is very little to no support in addressing the root problem(s) of our symptoms. It is likely we won't even know why we have the symptoms or disease(s) in the first place. Most doctors don't have time to dig into our lives and help us figure out what's really going wrong. And they definitely don't have time to support us in making lifestyle changes to correct it. Without other options, we put bandaids on symptoms, ignore, medicate, and usually hope for the best.

This is where a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner can make a big difference. By taking a very comprehensive look at your entire history, we can work with you to uncover what systems in your body aren't functioning properly, and find solutions for your specific needs and goals. If you are struggling with symptoms, whether you have a diagnoses or not, it is important to understand why you are experiencing those symptoms, and address the root cause of them.

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