Putting It All Out There To Help Others

I have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. I tend to agree. It hasn’t always worked out for me, but I can’t seem to help myself. I care deeply, have strong opinions and occasionally lack a filter. For better or worse, sometimes I just have to put it all out there.

Maybe that is why I have decided to open up in a way that makes me feel very vulnerable and honestly, terrified. By exposing parts of my life and my health history, I am hoping to reach out to other people who struggle with chronic health issues. Some of my experiences with autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, infertility, MTHFR, migraines, nerve pain, rashes, food intolerances, modified diets, concussion, depression/anxiety, and sick children, may resonate with you and your health journey.

Through writing about my past health struggles, and my journey to better health, I hope to connect with others who may be dealing with these issues too. I am hoping to make sense of what I have experienced, and share my discoveries. To shed light on chronic physical and mental health conditions, and bring these conversations out into the open. I believe there has long been a stigma that says we can’t talk about mental or physical illness. That somehow it makes us weaker. I’d like to push past that notion and say “let’s open up and support each other”.

I have been inspired, through my and my children's health journeys, to take action. As a family, we have seen first hand the dramatic difference nutrition and lifestyle choices can have on our health. However, creating and maintaining new habits can be challenging. My hope is to support other people struggling with chronic health problems, to make the changes they need to feel better. Northwest Nourishment is my new Functional Nutrition Counseling business. I hope to help you!

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