Will My Kids Suffer From This Too?

Miscarriage. Pregnancy loss. Infertility. They feel like toxic words and yet also words that unite a group of us in what can be a soul crushing bond. Although today there are more resources and awareness surrounding infertility than in my past, I’m not sure it helps anyone feel better.


When I experienced my first three miscarriages, over 20 years ago, it was hard to find the answers as to why. Genetic testing was costly and uncommon. We knew something wasn't working right with my immune system, but the diagnosis was vague. Seven years later, when I experienced my last miscarriage, I still did not have any real answers. Although I have been blessed with four amazing children, 3 by birth and 1 by adoption, I live with the everlasting emotional effects of infertility everyday. 

I have long since wondered, will my children suffer from infertility too?  Will their bodies be problematic like mine? Will they have to experience the pain? It wasn’t until recently that I discovered, through genetic testing, that in fact they may. Inherited mutations in my genetics(MTHFR), and the right circumstances, are very likely the underlying cause of my infertility. Now that I finally have an answer, I can use this information to help my children navigate this minefield if they too find themselves in my shoes. Knowing you carry this genetic variation can allow you to look for, and address, any deficiencies or lifestyle changes you may need to make, for your system to function properly.

What I want my children to understand for the future, and anyone else who is experiencing infertility in any of its forms, is that there is hope. We are learning more every day about how our bodies work, and how our diet, environment, and genetics effect us.  Genetic testing is now easily available and affordable. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplained infertility, testing for this mutation may be beneficial to you. Find a functional practitioner who will look at your whole history, and work to figure out what’s happening in your body. ❤️

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