When You Are Type A, All Day

If I only had a penny for every time I've been told, or thought to myself, "calm down", "relax", or "don’t stress out". I’ve been told I'm high strung, type A, uptight, neurotic, a mother hen, and anxious, to name a few. I’m in a near constant state of hyper alert. I like to think of myself as highly efficient. I’m not really sure how someone “relaxes”, without a lot of help. I hadn’t given the subject of my ‘state of unrest’ too much thought until recently, when I got the results back from some genetic testing I had done.

I discovered that I have several genetic mutations, which are fairly common, but one variation in particular(COMT) that directly affects how my body handles adrenaline. To put it simply, it is difficult for me to process and rid myself of it. Adrenaline can flood my body easily, and does so often. The particular type of variation that I have is also believed to cause a reduction in pain tolerance, and an increased sensitivity to stress. So it turns out I am stressed out, on a biological level 😁

For anyone else out there who may have been labeled with some of these nicknames, or if any of this sounds familiar to you, there could be an underlying genetic factor that is driving your behavior. If you are curious about your genetic traits, genetic health testing is easy to do with companies like 23andMe. Having this new information has been very eye opening. I’m still me, but at least I now have a better understanding of what's behind my personality and behaviors. And also why the clothes in my closet are sorted by color 😉

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